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If I were a caterpillar, this would be me


A caterpillar catches my eye.

He assumes the cocoon position but he is not moving. Nothing is happening.

Immediately I sense the symbolism and thank Spirit for the chuckle. Perhaps I was a little premature in my eco-beauty venture. Because today, I am clearing out all the supplies from my facial room. Trying to start a business during mercury retrograde is like driving in Los Angeles at rush hour and expecting the same ETA. I imagine this little caterpillar is waiting until everything clears energetically to continue his purpose. Thank goodness we are in the post shadow phase and when the 8th of June arrives, we can be fully present to resume our destined paths.

These last two months have been not without lessons however. The first being:

  1. I must always go with my gut and…my nose. My sense of smell knows the purity of products but also places, even lifestyles. Moving into a nail salon, and particularly one that does acrylic nails, is like being in the largest chemical factory of which one cannot escape. I should have walked away after the first inhale, but for a minute, I accepted chemical culture as part of the beauty industry and pretended it did not bother me. I had a bigger goal in mind after all: to earn a living, entrepreneurially. And I knew how much manicures and pedicures are an easy draw for consumers. The bottom line: nail treatments are toxic.
  2. Integrity as peacemaker. Professionalism excludes gossip in my ideal spa setting. After all, the person being talked about is not there to tell THEIR side of the story. There is always another perspective lurking in the distance. To me, it is wasted breath. Overhearing half truths, repeatedly, at the expense of someone else makes for dirty air. After my own departure, what story will ensue now? The bottom line: gossip is toxic.
  3. Miscommunication is not without misfortune. It results from expectations that are out of proportion with no rhyme or reason or simply inaccurate. Widely known, mercury retrograde is notorious for miscommunication and this last month proved true. It made me grateful for the flexibility of clients, it preempted me into a more leadership role, pushed me to recruit my own clientele on my own terms and ultimately see my own value. The entrepreneurial spirit is one of hustle mentality. I admire those who crush it with class. The bottom line and rule to live by: Kindly OVER-communicate.

But one thing you can say about me is, I try everything. I research everything. I give it a shot. There will not be much left for me to regret in my old age. When I imagine sitting reminicsing about the past, I see myself finding it hard to think of one thing, this that or the other, I wish I had tried.

The vision for my facial practice is one of purity, integrity, sustainability, healing, kindness, and escapism. At this time, I am unsure if such a place exists or if I can create one, especially having to manage problems and scenarios in real time. But I can guarantee next time, it will begin on mercury retrograde’s off season.

Back to making plans and signing contracts.

And building that cocoon.


LA Fitness Pasadena 6 pm – 8 pm Thursday May 12th

Image 8MEET & GREET tonight May 12 at LA Fitness Pasadena Open House!

6 pm – 8 pm

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Complimentary skin care analysis and consult.

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LA Fitness Pasadena
355 N. Rosemead Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107


Summer Facial Packages

Unwind and uplift!  Start today with a Summer Facial Package for you or a loved one.

Summer Facial Packages

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Facials include cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, mask, moisturizer, all customized to your skin needs and personal preferences. Facials focus on anti-aging, brightening, soothing and calming all within a serene atmosphere. The upmost combination of regenerative relaxation!


Packages are available to purchase during the month of May 2016. Last day to purchase this package is Tuesday, May 31, 2016. All packages expire Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

Lip Balm Gift with Facial

The Vine of Peola is giving free lip balm to guests of Wendy York Organic Facials!

Schedule a facial within the month of May and receive a homemade lip balm as a thank you gift. Freshly made, the lip balm tube is blended with organically managed beeswax and expeller-pressed 100% apricot kernel oil, hexane free. Limited quantities. Pucker up and schedule today!


Wendy York Organic Facials Menu

Appointments 626 708 0939

Organic Facial  80 minutes  $80

Living nature, subtle energies and clear intention. Wildcrafted ingredients work synergistically to create a healthy balance of skin nutrition and moisture. Enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and pure herbal facial oils, 100% active and vibrantly alive. Used in a layering fashion result in the highest performance for age prevention. Skin experiences a renewed look and feel of youthful vitality. May offer the possibility of rejuvenating entire being.

  • Optimal home care: Emerald Sun Hydrosol, Phyto-Infusion and Moisturizing Oil $202

Vegan Facial  80 minutes  $88

Yummy chocolatey raw superfood bliss for the face! Delicious Raw cacao, vanilla and coconut oil is blended for a smooth and delectable, taste worthy treat. Blue agave nectar and Raw Ghana shea butter are blended with Tibetan Goji berries and Acai berry extract for high-level antioxidant nourishment and hydration. Beeswax-free.

  • Vegan home care: Rhassoul Refining Exfoliant, Rose-Cucumber Hydrosol, Vegan Moisturizing Mask $110

Gemstone Facial   80 minutes  $108

Preciously yours. Gemstone oils are applied to pulse points or energy points and massaged into the soles of the feet. Pure aromatherapy. Harmonize the physical, vibrational energies of organic herbs and flowers, essential oils and base oils. Restore balance, health and vitality in the body and a state of balance and well-being in the mind and emotions. Centered mind and uplifted spirit.

  • Sensory home care: Ormus Myst, Ormus Rose Sacred Essence, Gemstone Body Oil, $106

After-Sun Facial   80 minutes  $80

For immediate relief and rapid healing from overexposure to sun or any kind of burn or skin irritation from nettle stings or poisonous plants. Coconut oil, aloe and cooling cucumber distillate pull heat out of the skin instantly. Black cumin, Red raspberry, Cranberry and Pumpkin seed antioxidant oils are massaged and easily absorbed on the skin. Calendula and aloe vera help calm inflammation.

  • Sun & Outdoor home care: Photo-Enzyme Serum, Antioxidant Sun Butter, After Sun Mask $116

Blemished Skin Facial 80 minutes  $88

Offers purity, aromatherapy, and positive affirmation. Eliminate unhealthy microbes & toxins from the skin. Support balanced oil secretions and calm inflammation and acne. Leave feeling inspired to be healthy, physically and emotionally. For teens as well as adults.

  • Wholistic home care: Phyto-Enzme Exfoliant, Clarifying Serum, Rhassoul-Neem Mask $117

Brightening Facial  80 minutes  $108

Lighten skin discoloration and age spots, organically. Key ingredients include Wild Australian Kakadu Plum with one of the highest contents of vitamin C to inhibit discoloration, Organic Purnarnava Root favored in India for lighter skin and Wild Pearl powder honored in China for centuries. A nourishing, moisturizing mask blended with honey and algae and pure pearl powder gives the skin a quality of soft light and radiance.

  • Illuminate home care: Crystal Cleansing Exfoliant, Radiance Light Serum, Pearl Radiance Mask $174

Add on:

Delicate Eye Area:  8 minutes   $8

Detailed pressure point massage using high integrity essential fatty acids and regenerating plant peptides with Cecropia bark extract reducing eye puffiness and dark circles. DNA protective phytoplankton and antioxidants including vitamin C, CoQ10, Blueberry and Acai reduce fine lines. Rose distillate and cool cucumber deeply hydrate delicate eye tissues.

  • Eye home care: Peptide Eye Cream $48

Organic Waxing Services

Brows $25

Lip $10

Chin $10

Cheeks $10

Underarm $15

Stomach $15

Half arm $20

Full arm $30

Half leg $30

Full leg $50

Bikini $30

Brazilian $50

ISUN Alive & Ageless Skincare

100% Natural, Raw, Organic, Vegan. Alive ingredients – cold-pressed Herb Oils, pregnancy and post-natal safe, synergistic blends of key ingredients for high performance skin rejuvenation and age prevention. Plan your stay for 1 hour and a half to include consultation, extractions as needed, and home care product recommendation.

Why 8/80/88?

This numerical vibration of 8 represents the richness in life, in nature, in all our abilities and possibilities. It is also the infinity symbol which is limitless of space and time. Its spiral form represents the physical and the spiritual, the earth and the mystical. Spirals found in plants and vines represent interconnectedness, faith, balance and harmony.

“You are a Sun…Eternal Light….Eternal Beauty”

red rose petals in abalone shell

red rose petals in abalone shell